Explore new horizons through our gins


Gin Explorers

As with almost every small business, Gin Explorers was born from conversations between good friends. For us, most of them happened after 8pm, and most of the time we had a gin and tonic in our hands. 

We’re huge fans of gin and its diversity. For five years we have gathered gins from all corners of the world, from classics to more unusual gins.

Collecting gin is one thing, but tasting and enjoying them is another. With family and friends we would serve classic gins, but found the classic gins are much the same. Same flavours and notes, distilled in the same places, and offering the same, predictable drinking experience each time.

We wanted to enjoy and offer something more exciting, so Gin Explorers was born. Our mission was to create unique gins using ingredients and flavours from lesser known gin regions. Our first creation, Mictlan gin, is the perfect example of our mindset and desires. Mictlan gin was designed around the iconic Dia De Los Muertos Cempasuchil flower, emblematic in Mexican culture. Naturally Mexico is famous for their Tequilas and Mezcals, but so far has been under explored when it comes to Gin. 

Gin Explorers aims to spotlight underrepresented cultures and premium ingredients in our gins. We want to offer new horizons for exceptional gin experiences, encourage people to travel and discover and appreciate exciting cultures and traditions. Jump on board and and join us in our exploration!

The Crew

- Damien Köppli

- Benjamin Paillat